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Mengubah Ikon FlashDisk

You may be bored with the look of your icons Flashdisk standard, I will give an interesting trick that (probably stale) can replace the standard icons flash you become as you want.
This tricks you can do with flash, memory card for digital cameras and HP.

>> the first step search image berekstensi. ICO that you want to use flash as the icons you.
Note: if you do not have any pictures that berekstensi. ICO, easy to use software only modifier some image files BMP, JPG, PNG file into a format. Ico.yang can download in here

>> write the second step, such as in the picture.

>> change the label with the name you want and the icon image that you select and have already extension. ICO ago you save with the name autorun.inf and save as type to All Files.

>> Copy the two files (autorun.inf and icon file) to flashdisk. You can make it so hidden but up to you.

>> Now, pull the crown and back flashdisk and see the result ..

2 komentar:

Kavi BorLand said...

autorun.inf nya dianggap virus sama norton antivirus 2008.. PCMAV juga..

Didin said...

Saya nggak tuh, saya pake antivirus Norton Internet security 2009 & PCMAV 1.91 nggak ada masalah. tapi yang penting file autorun.inf itu kan bukan virus.

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