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Windows BUKAN yang Paling Banyak Dibajak

Windows Operating System does not appear to have occupied a number of unique programs based on the most dibajak volume. Even its position "only" nangkring ranking in seven of the eight major security company Symantec.

Symantec reports results based on the period July to September 2008, assessed from the perspective of P2P file sharing protocol (peer to peer), follow-piracy software has to swallow retail costs more than 83juta U.S. dollars. Software product and what the most in demand dibajak? From the volume, not less than 49 percent (first position) seized by gaming desktop computer. Next rank held by the Utilities application with the number 16 percent. Causes great differences between the two presentase position that because of this short-age game that focuses on entertainment than the Utilities are not designed for recreational purposes.

windows paling banyak dibajak? ah kata siapa

In the third position, nangkring multimedia applications (such as image editor, 3D animation applications, and editro HTML). Followed by game consoles (9persen), other applications (5persen), and the new operating system at the number 7 with 4 percent. While the last position, snatch number 1 percent, held by the audio recording application.

However, despite the game's desktop business claimed most affected financially, even though the category of multimedia applications volume file that pirate lower total loss of the most in terms of cost. This is because the average price of multimedia applications (U.S. $ 1,300) higher than desktop gaming (U.S. $ 50). Thus, the total estimated cost of losses due to piracy action 83 million reached the U.S. dollar, U.S. dollar as 53 million derived from multimedia applications, while gaming desktop "only" contribute more than 8 million U.S. dollars.

3 komentar:

annosmile said...

game paling banyak dibajak ya
baru tahu nih

Omadi Jaya said...

Wah kayaknya udah gak aneh kalo game paling banyak dibajak.!!!

Blog aja banyak yang hasi bajak..!!! Wah kapan indonesia terlepas dari image negara pembajak..!!!

ilmair said...

waduhh... pembajak-pembajak merugikan sekali yy... klu bajak sawah siyy ga masalah... klu hasih karya, atau keringat waduhh... parah siyyhhh...
share comment di postingan sya jga dunkk...

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