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Browsing Aman dengan BrowserDefender by ThreatExpert

While browsing the web, you can find various types of threats such as phishing sites that try to trick you out in your personal information, such as paypal, online banking and so forth. Then there are sites that will install spyware on your computer, and then try to trick you in order to buy their antispyware software. Then have a script that is capable of utilizing a browser that has a slit security ataupuntidak ter-update. According to the latest news from the Netcraft Web Server Survey, there are about 182 million more sites on the Internet, all of that growing quickly and is the site of which is dangerous. Most of the sites resulted from a dangerous country curtains bamboo alias China.
Therefore, in addition to using antivirus also not one you install the Toolbar Browser toolbar defender.Tidak all that disrupt. The Browser Defender toolbar by ThreatExpert allows you to surf safely by displaying site ratings as you browse the Internet.
Toolbar is a handy utility that provides security for the assessment of your web site link from the Google or Yahoo! search, so you know before you visit the web site, according to the criteria of this software, is safer, not safe, or must be visited with care.
BrowserDefender have in the assessment of sites using colors such as green, which means safe to visit, Color Yellow means you have to be careful, and means that the color red is not recommended for mengunjunginya, but when all the web is already on the list ThreatExpert on the server, if the site does not have it will come out gray
Please note this software when my download is still in Beta and can only be integrated with firefox and IE, but there is no one you try. Please Download disini


3 komentar:

' Li ' said...

makasih infonya....^^

fuda said...

waaw, templatenya gw kenaaal negh..Greneetoz dari twuiiit *sensor* hiahiaha

muaantab bos artikelnya. gw suka ragu2 browsing situs2 ga jelas.takut ama nyang namanya spyware2 sweremm boo..

tar acount paypal gw jwebol bisa mati kutu... grrr

didin said...


wah ketahuan ya.

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