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BatteryBar, Utility for Status Your Battery Laptop

BatteryBar is a small utility that can monitor the battery status and displays them in the taskbar

BatteryBar continue to monitor the status of the battery that you use for the laptop. Due to monitor the battery, it stores historical data on the battery and provide you with a very accurate estimate of how much time remaining in the battery.

compare with that under

There is no executable file to BatteryBar but by only some DLL files (batmeter.dll, BatteryBar.dll, BatteryBar.utilities.dll) from explorer.exe. This will increase memory usage explorer.exe around 8-9MB. You can not find the shortcut to start either because BatteryBar can be activated with right-click on the taskbar, go to Toolbars and select BatteryBar.

BatteryBar requires Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0 and runs on Windows XP / Vista (32bit). There are also versions to purchase but I just try a free.

Download in here :

Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0

5 komentar:

Fitriansyah said...

wahhh, saya pake desktop mas,,, well nice info

rekanbisnisku said...

saya pasang ah, lumayan kan. tengs mas

KAng Artha said...

wah tutorialnya keren kang, sudah software pemantau baterai yang dikau postingkan disini bisa dipakai dilaptopku...:d...tapi pas tak pasang di komputer desktopku kok ndak bisa ya kang???..he..he

Didiet said...

din aku dah make softaware ini kereen si emang cuma aku gak make lama2 beratin kalo start up

MGYP said...

Infonya bagus! Jadi nambah nich ilmunya!

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