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PC Pandora is a software-based surveillance and monitoring application developed for Microsoft Windows that can capture and record computer activity such as Keystrokes, Instant Messenger, email, search queries entered into the popular search engine, file tracking to monitor file creation and deletion, webcam snapshots to see exactly who is using your computer, download the application of P2P Activity, Activity computer users who record the login information, Websites Visited, Programs, and used to take Snapshots (Screenshots) from a computer screen, so you can see what is being done in the computer.

This is what you must do in order to get a free PC Pandora license key valid for one year.

1. Go to page

2. Enter your name, email address, the verification code and press submit.

3. Check your email and you should get an email from Pandora Corp. ( with the subject "PC Pandora order confirmation."

This is what you must do in order to get a free PC Pandora license key valid for one year.

4. Download PC Pandora and install it.

5. During installation, you will be prompted for a password and hotkey to open the Pandora PC. When prompted to restart, do it.

6. When Windows is finished booting, press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Z and enter the same password that you entered in step 5. Kan-paste the registration key to register PC Pandora. Make sure you have an internet connection to validation.

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debrian said...

mantaps postinganna :D

rekanbisnisku said...

Berguna infonya. saya slalu melihat n membaca postingan kang didin46

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didin said...

@debrian & rekanbisnisku
makasih semuanya, salam hangat dariku

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