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Windows Vista Ultimate

Once I find where to go-alias googling, could also eventually Windows vista ultimate I wish this craving. Windows Vista is already in the tweak-and activated. already?
The good this is:
1. Windows vista is only 256 MB but need better pake aja 512 MB
2. Only need an empty hard disk space of about 3 GB
3. Space for installation only spend 35% of the usual windows vista.
4. Has many components that have been deleted from the edition of Vista is.
( ...)

But still there are important programs that are included in this edition of vista that is:
- Windows mail
-Internet Explorer 7
-Windows Media Players 11

Do not do wrong even though this version but can still crack the update, but unfortunately there are 3 components that have been disabled, namely: Remote Registry, Windows Error Reporting Service, Windows Search, and unfortunately the more you want to upgrade your xp to use Vista This edition of Vista will be disappointed because the cracker vista delete this file has been upgraded, so do backup your files first, and reinstall.

How to Install Vista is so young, let alone already have a file that tells the ropes in the "2 - How To Install Windows.htm" and no longer need lengthy download this link:
- Windows Vista Part 1

- Windows Vista Part 2

- Windows Vista Part 3

- Windows Vista Part 4

- Windows Vista Part 5

- Windows Vista Part 6

- Windows Vista Part 7

- Windows Vista Part 8

Critical Update
- KB890830
- KB925902
- KB928089
- KB929399
- KB929735
- KB930178
- KB930857
- KB931573
- KB931768
- KB932246
- KB936824


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