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Make you want to try to install Vista but it does not have a valid serial number need not worry because I will share this article to you to delay vista. What should be delayed? More will be seated because of birth-generation Windows Anyar the name WINDOWS 7EVEN. But that is teraktivasi so please read this blog.

When installing Vista actually does not need a serial number. Vista will provide within 30 days on us to mengaktivasinya fully locked before vista. But you can add the trial of 8 times (Cape deh ...), with only menguatak especial registry.

First open the Command line mode administrator, then type "slmgr-rearm" without quotes of course. This command should be used when a 30-day trial period will run out first because the command will calculate the 30 days when the command is given. You can do this technique as much as 3 times more so about 120 days, after that the command will be automatically closed by Sytem.

You can add 240 more days with little change in the regedit to registry.Ketik search box after the registry is open, the code search HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ SL. Right-click on the Skip Rearm and click Modify. Then you change the numbers from 0 to 1. You can do this as much as 8 times because the system only allow as much if not more so because I can lock the system.

How these can only be made to Vista that has not teraktivasi at the time of installation and you do not enter a serial number and how this will not be running if you have vista terakivasi.

And friends may all know but who have not read it and please do not forget leave your comment. Thank you.


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fuadpahing said...

sudah bisa read morenya bos??mampir :)

Didin said...

Read morenya masih acak-acakan bos, Mohon bantuannya:a:.

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