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Download PCMAVExpress for Conficker

Unlike the other anti-virus, PCMAV Express Conficker designed for specific and special to be able to identify 100% accurately and thoroughly eradicate Conficker to radical, even though this virus has antidebugging techniques, anti-VM, double-layer obfuscated code and rootkit (invisible ), which include sophisticated and complex. Please note, even though we have 3 variants of this Conficker of the many faithful readers of the magazine PC Media, but only 2 main variants (Conficker.A & B) is known and we believe has spread to such an extent of hundreds of thousands of PC in the country. If there are other antivirus as if so many are able to detect this virus variants (dozens), it can be ascertained that the antivirus has been terkecoh by engineering the virus code is obfuscated. And natural, this will be the type of antivirus beaten so Conficker active in memory.

The first and the only one in Indonesia, PCMAV Express for Conficker equipped with the latest technology RootScan smart-nan, who are able to penetrate up to ring0 (kernel-mode) to detect virus berteknologi rootkit. This is the main key to a kind of rootkit is able to eradicate the virus Conficker. During Conficker capable of hiding in ring0, all the power and business anti-virus to detect and cleared from the system will be quite useless. And our think new Express PCMAV this is the only antivirus Conficker special in the world who use sophisticated techniques such as this virus in the herd in the memory.

In addition, PCMAV Express this can settingan clean system that has been infected and able to restore it to its original state, including re-enable services that it turn off. Amazing, is not it?
In addition, analysis of complete virus Conficker, which is still a hot topic discussions antivirus researchers around the world, will be published in the magazine PC Media 05/2009 and its latest release PCMAV is capable of it. FAQ summaries and analysis of this virus will soon be added in this post. So, keep-in-touch!

Rules of Use:

1. Make sure your users have Administrator equivalent rights.
2. Disable the antivirus installed in order not to disrupt PCMAV Express.
3. Make sure that your computer before * not * connected to the network or the Internet during the scan.
4. Once completed, it is recommended to restart and re-scan (if necessary).
5. After the virus was successfully
thorough to deleting, immediately update / patch your Windows. PCMAV Express is also able to detect when your computer is not in the patch.
6. Make sure all the PC that is connected in the network have also been free Conficker.
7. Make sure the Administrator password on the right of your PC is not easy to guess, because Conficker have the ability to penetrate the "guess" the password to the Administrator with screening-general said that in it's dictionary.
8. If steps 3-7 above do not follow you correctly, then most likely Conficker can attack again, as well as any anti-virus you use.


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