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Don't Download Windows Seven Beta

At the time many user-race competition download the operating system Windows 7 beta version, it prohibits the Georgetown University students and faculty to use the operating system is Microsoft windows 7

Quoted detikINET from Tgdaily, Tuesday (3/2/2009), the university IT team to send a message to students that essentially ban the beta version of Windows 7, because the risk is.

Warning also stressed that the beta version of Windows 7 software can disable the antivirus and the video card, printer, and other hardware components can not function properly.

The Georgetown University claims will support the final version of Windows 7 if it was later released and tested thoroughly.

Planned, the final version of Windows 7 will be available late this year or early 2010. For now, users can download the beta version for free from Microsoft. This promotion will last until February 10.

Source Detiknet


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