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You have a laptop that is connected webcam and want laptop is locked with a face like diiklan a new laptop that ...

Don't worry ....

Now there is a unique application that can output keylemon lock laptopmu with face, voice or password.

Software called LemonScreen which is the application that can lock the computer is switched on with your face or voice.

LemonScreen is a small application for OS XP that works with the men face-scan through your webcam, and then save the face that has been scanned in memory and use it to lock and unlock the computer.

You only need to sit in front of webcam, press the button and let the LemonScreen scan your face.

maaf nih bukan foto saya, habis malu sih...

The weakness of this software is when you do not write the words other than the password when mapping the face because the face is not detected with the same faces that have been saved, there SCREEN Lemon still allow the user to enter a password and click ENTER to go to windows. Be careful ya ...

Remember LemonScreen Software is still in Beta stage, but who want to try, please download directly official web


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necroKid said...

wew.... kalau ntar mukanya benjol2 digigit tawon bisa dikenalin ga ya??? jd penasaran..... sapa yang mau nyoba ya benjolin muka nya???? ho..ho.ho..

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